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The Man I Love

10 x 14” Watercolor on Paper
I recall a memory after a really bad breakup, where I was exercising outside at a running track. It started raining intensely, but I kept running. It felt like a cleanse of some sort. Then the sun shone through a small part of the clouds and illuminated the area where I was standing. I asked the universe to send me a good man that would help me on my life journey; 2 months later he showed up. And ever since he walked into my life, he and I have awakened to the way the world works. Despite it being a difficult process, it is one that has made us stronger mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Although I feel that there is still much for us to learn, we are taking our power back through the successful breaking of addictions, the awareness of our ego, and the power of meditation. We are on a path to becoming the best version of ourselves so that we can inspire and illuminate others.