As I was working on my latest painting, I changed direction midway through the painting. Originally, I wanted to have a generally white background. I felt it would create a lightness to the painting. I had created marks with gesso, highlighter and pen, similar to how I work with my concept art pieces. However, it did not feel right. I think because there was so much white already in the figure itself. I think that in my next painting I will try duo-tones to see how that responds instead of white. I wanted to write about my experience with this painting because as an artist, documenting progress and observing a deviation from the "plan" is interesting to me. Life works this way. 


I really enjoyed the way the painting turned out. The background makes the painting cohesive and in line with the new illustrative body of work I am beginning. I am excited to continue on this path. Oh, and oil paint is sooo amazing to work with. I think I'm falling in love with it all over again.

Until next time!