This Thursday is the opening for my upcoming art exhibit!

I am so excited to be showcasing my conceptual abstract art, as it deserves to be exhibited for many reasons. The work itself has layers of meaning, and thus creates food for thought (or the soul?) depending on who views it. It also makes one think about their life, their relationship to others, and themselves. It makes one think about the present moment, because the work is meditative, but also because some pieces, such as my wall installations, contain themes of life and death. Anyone can relate to this theme, as we all experience loss in our lives. I believe there is beauty in facing this fact. It reminds us that nothing lasts forever, and as such, we should cherish our lives and those we love as much as humanly possible. 

The exhibit will be up from January 12th - March 10th 2017 with an opening and a closing reception. The closing reception will have an Art Talk, where myself, my fellow artist colleague Gonzalo Nunez, and curator Meg Kaplan-Noach will discuss the exhibit, our art practice, and create a dialogue about our work as professional artists. See you there!