The year is about to end!

It has been a very busy year for me. Learning graphic design has been an incredible journey for me. It is interesting because I used to believe design was for sellout artists, but there is so much art and thought that goes into graphic design (at least the work that has strong concepts). So much of my art knowledge is taught in design as well. The two are similar!

I've been so busy that I have barely had the time to paint, which is an absolute shame. But I have taken it upon myself to end the year right. I want to go back to painting, but this time, I want to focus on the figurative. I want to actually sit down and focus on painting something and really practicing to train my eyes to see shape and color again. I had abandoned the figurative because it was all I did in art school, but now after several years, I feel it is time for me to go back and take my knowledge of abstract mark-making and infuse it with the figurative to create a new style that is almost surreal, almost realistic, but abstract at the same time. After all, are not all brush strokes but abstract marks that create the whole painting? This does not mean I will abandon my abstract work, just that I will use figurative to explore new methods of painting. 

I just made this portrait this week. I wanted it to evoke a feeling or a moment in time. To me, it feels peaceful, almost whimsical. Despite the evident darkness around the figure, the colors help to give it light. Interestingly enough, I used my knowledge of graphic design by employing strong use of negative space as seen in the black background. I have also limited my color palette to analogous colors, red and purple, and toned them down with greys. I feel this really creates nuances in the color and helps the underpainting show through.


Yesterday I started the painting on the right. It was so challenging for me to sketch this one! What I loved the most about this piece was the fact that I really needed to use my eyes to create proportional lines. It required me to go back and erase and make changes. It was not easy! However I think this is the kind of training I need in order to progress my drawing skills. 

Now that it is complete, I will approach it with paint and go from there. I wanted to use a white background to explore how colors respond in this arrangement. I'll post more on this painting soon!

Until next time!