Hello, I am Carlos Spartacus.

Colombian-born, Miami-raised, yet I consider myself a universalist. As the globe continues to unify, I feel a strong drive to make art that is not focused only on where I live, but rather art that can touch people everywhere. My work is spiritual and based on thoughts, feelings, research and dreams on society, religion, the universe, and exploration of self. I have a passion for art, design, and creativity.

Graduating with a dual degree in Painting + Art History (BFA) and Graphic Design (BA) from Florida International University, I have exhibited in prestigious locations, such as The Frost Art Museum, Bakehouse Art Complex, and The Little Haiti Cultural Center. In 2016, I had my first solo show "Carlos Spartacus: Earthbound Musings" at Miami Beach Urban Studios.

Why Spartacus? I was given the name years ago when I used to have a rebellious blonde mohawk; everyone knew me as Spartacus. Eventually, I adopted it as my artist name. I find it empowering because of its history as Spartacus was a former gladiator and an accomplished military leader. In its adoption as my artist name, I am a fighter for the arts, for equality, and for helping people recognize their inner strength.

Please email or call for pricing or specifics regarding art pieces or design requests.

Email: carlospartacus@gmail.com